BBQ Sauces and Mustards

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Brownwood's Cherry BBQ Sauce is pure magic on the grill and fantastic in the oven too! Just pick your favorite meat and apply -- you can't go wrong. Also tasty as a dip for veggies, cheeses, even french fries.

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Brownwood's Famous Kream Mustard Sauce is a sweet, hot, creamy Dijon-style mustard that adds a zip to everything it touches. Add it to dressings, sauces, baked beans, or deviled eggs.

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Wonderful with Chicken or Fish, Asian Salad or as a Marinade.


Amp up your summer grilling with our Cherry Balsamic Grilling Sauce.

Red Raspberry Pretzel Dip

Tangy Raspberries, Mustard and Honey. This Special Pretzel Dip is a Great Hostess Gift, Perfect for your next Office Party or as a Raspberry Ham Glaze