Fruit Bars


The healthy go-anywhere, anytime snack. Made from 100% pure North American Super Fruits, FruitFast dried fruit bars constitute two servings of fruit. Each bar starts with an apple puree base and is then flavored and fortified with the fruit paste and juice concentrate of either Tart Cherries or Wonderful Pomegranates.

Wild Blueberry IQ Bars

Wild Blueberries remain at the top of the list for super fruit health benefits. FruitFast 100% pure fruit blueberry bars have only 100 calories and no fat!


About FruitFast Fruit Bars

Developed and patented by the USDA, FruitFast Bars are great-tasting, nutritious, convenient and affordable. Each of these healthy, all-natural fruit bars contain generous amounts of the proprietary fruit pastes that we manufacture for our Cherry and Pomegranate Softgel Capsules and Liquids. FruitFast Bars are produced using a USDA patented process that provides a two year shelf life. These dried fruit bars can be stored at room temperature and will not deteriorate in hot, humid weather.

  • About 100 Calories Per Fruit Bar
  • 100% Whole Fruit, Nothing Else
  • No Refined Sugars
  • No Dairy or GMOs
  • No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives
  • USDA developed and patented


Fruit Bar Testimonials

"When I discovered FruitFast Bars it was the answer to my perpetual question, "Why don't some of the snack food companies bring out a product that's good, pure and nutritious that you can keep in the car, home or office, open easily without getting sticky fingers and making crumbs, and be sure it's safe and healthy to eat?  I'm an exercise expert who's keyed into the importance of nutrition; when my mental and physical energy start running down it's just enough of a snack to restore me till meal-time, and its pure fruit content is taste satisfying and more nourishing than a junk food pick-up." -Ann Smith, VA

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