Fruit Juice Concentrates


All of our Concentrates are "Cold Filled" to preserve as many beneficial Anthocyanins as possible.

Save $2.00 per bottle on 6 or more quarts of a single flavor. Many of our customers are also taking our sugar free Fruit Softgels, either as an effective and convenient alternative when traveling or as a Fruit Juice Concentrate replacement.

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Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate
Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

Try America’s No. 1 Selling Ultra Premium Brand of "Cold Filled" Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate.

Wild Blueberry Juice Concentrate
Wild Blueberry Juice Concentrate

Start enjoying the health benefits of Wild Blueberries. Research studies show that the blueberries rank as the No. 1 fruit for antioxidants.

Pomegranate Juice Concentrate

Made with Wonderful Pomegranates from California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley, Pomegranate Juice Concentrate is known for its many heath benefits. You can buy Pomegranate Juice here with the confidence that you are getting 100% pomegranates.


Our crisp, fresh-tasting "Cold Filled" Cranberry Juice Concentrate is extremely tart. With no added sugar, some find it too tart for their taste buds.

Red Raspberry Juice Concentrate

An excellent source of antioxidants, red raspberries provide a fabulous flavor and numerous health benefits. Each tablespoon of Cold Filled Red Raspberry Juice concentrate equals over a cup of fresh raspberries.

Save $1.00 per bottle on 4 or more quarts, or $2.00 per bottle on 12 or more quarts.

Don’t miss the delicious, nutritious, sweet taste and flavor of 100% "Cold Filled" Concord Grape Juice Concentrate from New York’s renowned grape growing region.

About our "Cold Filled" Concentrated Fruit Juice

FruitFast® is America's best-selling brand of Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate and offers a full line of Juice Concentrates.  Our 100% natural and not genetically modified, our Fruit Juice Concentrates are flash-pasteurized and not exposed to extreme heat for a long period of time. Each batch can vary in color and texture due to this customized process, reflecting the uniqueness of the fruit.


  • 100% pure and all-natural
  • Contains no additives or artificial ingredients

Fruit Concentrate Testimonials

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your fruit concentrates, and have come up with a use your other customers may enjoy. Because there are some benefits to eating raw veggies, but I can't stand their taste, I cut some up in a blender, add a cup of soy milk and blend until smooth. Then I add a squirt each of blueberry, cherry and pomegranate concentrate and blend again. This tastes wonderful! Thanks again for going to the trouble to make such great products." --Bob Prichard, Tiburon, CA

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