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Packed with flavor and health benefits, our premium dried cherries, wild blueberries, and cranberries are all made in the USA from North American-grown Super Fruits.

Chocolate Covered Dried Cherries

What could be better than all-natural, unsweetened dried Montmorency tart cherries? Dried Montmorency tart cherries covered in chocolate, of course.

Dried Cranberries, One Pound Sweetened

Our premium dried cranberries are perfect for a healthy snack year-round. Mix them with assorted nuts or add them to muffins, cookies or oatmeal.

Dried Tart Cherries, Five Pounds Sweetened

We are pleased to offer a variety of dried tart cherries. Chose from tart cherries sweetened with sugar, or pure, unsweetened Montmorency tart cherries full of nutritious health benefits with no sugar added. Both are shipped to you straight from the Cherry Capital of the World, Northern Michigan.

Dried Wild Blueberries, Five Pounds, Unsweetened

Our dried wild blueberries may be small, but they’re full of flavor and packed with health benefits.

About Our Dried Fruit

Dried fruit with a difference.  The perfect alternative to raisins, our dried tart cherries, wild blueberries, and cranberriesare a delicious snack on their own or taste great used as a fruit topping and in recipes.  Also try our unsweetened dried Montmorency cherries with no sugar added.

Dried Cherry Testimonials

"Can't remember if I thanked you, but my order arrived so promptly and in perfect condition. Love those tart dried cherries without added sugar. My grand-kids know we don't have soda pop in our house but they are as hooked on "cherry juice water" as I am. It was great to find an online source for these products." --Sally Neckvatal, River Falls, WI

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