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Cold Filled Juice Concentrates

People often wonder why FruitFast has so many Fruit Juice Concentrate testimonials and satisfied customers? The answer is multi-layered and well worth looking into if you’re on the market for healthy Fruit Juice Concentrates.

Let’s take a quick look at the FruitFast line of Fruit Juice Concentrates to see why so many folks are happily on board with us:

-Cold Filled Single Ingredient

-No Additives

-No Preservatives

-Certified Kosher 

-No GMO'

-8 Different Flavors


So just what does Cold filled Fruit Juice Concentrate mean? It means we do not heat our juices when filling the bottles. This type of heat can cause damage to the anthocyanins (antioxidants) in the concentrate. Be sure to use cold filled fruit juices if you’re consuming these for health reasons. 

How does FruitFast stack up to the competition you ask?

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Single Ingredient – This means absolutely nothing is added to our Pure Juice Concentrates! In today’s world, everyone knows it is very difficult to find any product that has nothing added to it. 

Certified Kosher – This means 7 of our 8 healthy Juice Concentrates (not the Concord Grape Juice Concentrate) are certified Kosher fruit juices by Michigan Kosher Supervisors

8 Different Flavors – This means you have 7 Fruit Juice and 1 Vegetable Juice Concentrates to choose from for a one stop shopping experience!

In a nutshell, FruitFast offers a full line of cold filled, healthy Juice concentrates which helps support an array of health functions from head to toe. Plus, we offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee and an automated FruitFast Reward Points discount system!

If you’re looking to support your health naturally, order online or call Brownwood Acres toll free at 1-877-591-3101 and we’ll get you started with the FruitFast, Pure Cherry Juice Concentrate and same day shipping today!