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Cranberry Juice Concentrates

Cranberry Juice Concentrate:


You Must Refrigerate Or Freeze Our Concentrates Upon Arrival

Nutritional InformationCranberry Juice Concentrate 50 Brix

Nutrient Amount per 100 gm.

Calories 184
Sugars 22g

Protein (gm.) 0.28
Carbohydrates (gm.) 43.9
Fat (gm.) 0.83
Saturated Fat (gm.) n/a
Unsaturated Fat (gm.)
Dietary Fiber (gm.) 0.21
Cholesterol (mg.) n/a
Vitamin A (IU) n/a
Vitamin C (IU) n/a
Magnesium (mg.) 29.01
Riboflavin (mg.) 5.47
Niacin (mg.) 1.34
Sodium (mg.) 42.4
Calcium (mg.) 49.9
Potassium (mg.) 381.9
Iron (mg.) 0.95
Phosphorus (mg.) n/a