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Naturally healthy, our Dried Tart Cranberries offer a tart burst of flavor that can be enjoyed on their own or as a tangy addition to recipes.

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1 lb. bag Dried Cranberries

Use in place of raisins. Mix with smoked almonds, peanuts and cashews for a healthy snack for kids and adults.



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5 lb. Bag Dried Cranberries, Shipping Included.


About our Dried Cranberries

At FruitFast, we focus on dark-skinned Super Fruits like cranberries because of their nutritional value and beneficial levels of antioxidants.  A great substitute for raisins, our Dried Tart Cranberries are perfect incorporated into recipes, fruit and nut mixes, sprinkled on top of salads or cereal, or enjoyed by themselves as a tasty snack.