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Every bottle of Miss Anna's sauce is perfected by Miss Anna herself on the island of St. Croix. She has been delighting the taste buds of the Caribbean for over 36 years. She invites you to enjoy the unique combination of flavor and family tradition.

This iconic hot sauce can be found throughout the Caribbean in every home, restaurant, or roadside shack where good Crucian food is served. The sauce carries on an old family recipe dating back more than 100 years! The secret to Miss Anna's sauce is it's late-kick. 

Unlike other pepper sauce that might burn the minute they hit your lips, Miss Anna's comes on more gradually, appeasing your taste buds with a tangy island flavor. The heat is supplied by habanero peppers, elevating the entire taste experience without burning your mouth too much. 

Click HERE for a classic take from Bill Moore at Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Review. Believe me, this is the real thing. The true definition of AWESOME SAUCE!!!

Especially good on eggs, beans and rice, macaroni, any fish or seafood. 


This is a savory mustard-based hot sauce that screams with a Caribbean flair. The ingredients of mustard, onions, garlic, sugar, and habanero peppers can be all tasted indivisibly but are blended harmoniously. Sugar and salt are present but not noticed. The all-important factor of balance is achieved with bright stars today. The heat is gentle but not scorching. This is one good looking and tasting sauce.

Mustard, onions, and garlic aroma playfully dance through the open bottle top of the Caribbean flavor. This is a very thick orange/yellow puree that easily pours from the bottle. No seeds are present.

Click here for a quick take on this classic sauce from Bill Moore's Hot & Spicy Reviews! Wait for it. When his eyes go shut at the 3:15 mark, you'll know then this is awesome sauce!!!

Mustard, vinegar, habanero peppers, onion, garlic, sugar, and spices are the listed ingredients. The ingredient list is short but has the mysterious catch-all ingredient of “spices”. We like the absence of preservatives and chemicals.

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