Our Process

We start with the fruit.

Our CherryFlex, Wonderful Pomegranate, and Wild Blueberry IQ fruit products are all made from Grade A North American-grown Super Fruits.  Enjoy 100% pure and natural Montmorency Dried Tart Cherries, Wild Blueberries from Maine. Our Red Raspberry Juice Concentrate comes from the Pacific Northwest, our Concord Grape Juice Concentrate from upstate New York and our Cranberry Juice Concentrate from the Midwest.

We concentrate goodness.

Envision taking a whole cherry, pomegranate or blueberry, and concentrating nutritional goodness from it. That’s the power of FruitFast.  At our CherryFlex, Inc. facility in Traverse City, Michigan, our proprietary process condenses the value from these Super Fruits while limiting exposure to high temperatures that could compromise nutrients. Our unique technology captures the health benefits of the whole fruit, without turning it into a less potent powder.

We use the whole fruit.

FruitFast manufactures fruit products and softgels made from the whole fruit – including the skin and pulp. Unlike other products that are made from freeze-dried powders, our softgel pills are delicious and can be either chewed or swallowed.

We keep it 100% natural.

Our fruit products provide tasty and healthful benefits to you, all without preservatives, fillers, additives, coloring or the use of harsh solvents.