Brownwood's Premium Preserves and Famous Cherry Butter

Brownwood starts with the best fruit -- picked at the perfect moment and then turned into a scrumptious preserves or fruit butter. Here you will find the best combinations of flavor and sweetness.

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Famous Cherry Butter, Kream Mustard and Cherry BBQ Sauce

One Each, Famous Cherry Butter, Kream Mustard and Cherry BBQ Sauce

cherrybutter, Brownwood Cherry Butter, Brownwood Acres Cherry Butter

Created in her kitchen in 1945, Mary Louise Morse knew she had something special. The smooth, spreadable fruit butter was sent home with all dinner and house guests. It wasn’t long before commercial production was necessitated. Often copied, never duplicated, this will become your favorite breakfast spread! 

$11.95 - $13.95
Peach Preserves

Sweet and Juicy all natural Peach Preserves, just like Grandma used to make.


$7.95 - $12.95
Seedless Black Raspberry Preserves

Yummy Black Raspberries with just the right amount of sweetener and minus the seeds.

$7.95 - $12.95